Our Curriculum

12 months old (walking) through after schoolers.

Each classroom’s schedule is particular to that age group. We utilize High Reach Curriculum for our toddlers and threes and High Reach Passports and Beyond Centers and Circletime for our VPK classes.

All curricula is age-appropriate. Our teachers create lesson plans and work to develop classroom activities based on the children’s individual and developmental needs.

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The children are observed and assessed throughout the school year so that our staff can better understand their individual needs, which helps us to focus on how to help each child thrive.

The High Reach Learning Curriculum Approach is based upon the following principles:

  • A child’s development is continuous, individual, and begins at birth.
  • The stages of development are unique to each child.
  • Creating multiple connections supports current brain research for how infants and young children learn.
  • Interactions and relationships are at the heart of learning.
  • Families are truly a child’s first teachers and are an integral part of the learning community.
  • Learning experiences are purposeful, interactive, meaningful, relevant, active, and playful.
  • Curriculum is project-focused and is based in play investigation. Play is the avenue for child investigations.
  • The ultimate goal is for children to become ready, able, competent, and eager learners.

At Broadview Children’s Center, we believe that young children are capable of complex critical thinking. They need to be exposed to diverse experiences that are challenging but within reach, so that they can develop into analytical, critical and autonomous thinkers.

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